Best Small Business Ideas
And Simple Start-Up Help Tips

'4‑Small‑Businesses.co.uk' was created to help give U.K. entrepreneurs small business ideas to get started and to give new small businesses some help to become established and profitable.

You will find over 300 ideas for small businesses to help get you started, or to give you ideas for expansion of your existing businesses.

I devised this site because I believe there are only 3 ways to become seriously rich.

You may wonder why I have left out simply working for someone else. I have left it off the list because I believe a job is just a way of earning money for someone else. If you didn't earn more money for the boss than the boss pays you, why would s/he bother? So why not just do the job yourself and put all the money in your own pocket?
Do you know anyone working at a 'job' who is seriously wealthy? I don't.

Lets assume you are in broad agreement with me so far, but that you have no clear idea of what you could do to get started. This is where the hundreds of simple business ideas on this site come in handy.

The majority of feedback I get from this site runs something like "I entered the site because I didn't have much of an idea of what business I wanted to start, I just knew I wanted to start something. After reading through all the ideas on your site I found I was bursting with ideas for small businesses."

Sure, lots of the ideas sound a bit lame on their own, but add them to one of the other ideas and mix in your own ideas and skills and you never know, you just might surprise yourself!

Don't Even Try To Get-Rich-Quick - You Won't!

I would advise against even looking at any of the thousands of get-rich-quick schemes going around. The vast majority of them are at best 'not what you hoped for' and will inevitably waste your time, effort and money.

However attractive the offer placed before you, simply ask yourself -
'If it is that good why are you selling the idea and not doing it yourself?'
I have asked this question hundreds of times and the answers would be laughable if so many folks were not being conned.

If you want to find some simple 'off-the-shelf' system of making money on this site I am afraid you will be disappointed. You will find none.
There is no way for you to pay me for anything, anywhere on this site.

But if you are a budding entrepreneur, a mumtrepreneur or simply want ideas for an extra income, read on. You will find hundreds of ideas for businesses which other people have actually used, to form the heart of their small businesses.

Save Money To Make Money

The vast majority of seriously rich people I know didn't just earn their way to wealth, they also saved their way to wealth.
Don't just throw away the money you have earned, spend it wisely. Shop around for your business or home insurance, go to the cheapest supermarket in town and buy a car which will last.
This way you will have far more time and money available to reinvest in your business enterprise.

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