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Small Business Ideas

Not just one small simple business idea but hundreds. . . .

For over ten years a friend has run a highly successful small businesses group, putting well over 22,000 students through his program. The question he was most often asked is this:

"I really want to get started, but I have no idea what to do! Can you give me some practical small, simple business ideas?"

The answer is 'Yes!' and here they are.

These ideas for small businesses are divided into three sections:

1.'Foolish' small businesses ideas which actually made their creators rich. These are intended to inspire you. For the most part, these are ordinary men and women who just woke up one morning with a 'foolish' small business idea and wouldn't give up until they had made their dream a reality. In most cases, they have made very large sums of money (often in the millions) from these small business ideas.

The purpose of this section is to make you think: "If she/he can do it, I know I can!" Also, the intention is to erase any negative thoughts you might have along these lines: "It's hopeless nowadays, everything's been done. Anyway, the little guy will never make any money, they'll see to that."

Every day, people are bringing their winning Small Business Idea to market and retiring on easy street with big, fat payoffs. Why not you? I'm also reminded of this true quote from the head of the UK patent office in 1899 (Yes, Eighteen99)
"Everything which can be invented, has already been invented."
Yeah.... right......

2.'Realistic' Small Businesses Ideas which you could operate right now. Often these ideas are not keys to a fortune, but, they are small business ideas which are working out there, right now, making good money for people. You can use any one of these ideas for yourself, or add a little twist or variation.

3.'Quick and Simple' Small Businesses Ideas. The purpose of these small businesses ideas is to get your brain thinking. Often the ideas seem a bit crazy and unrealistic - almost too simple. But.... the intention is for these small business ideas to act as a trigger, making you say something like: "That idea's ridiculous, but if I change it around a bit I could..."

Hopefully there will be something here to capture your imagination! Origin of the 'foolish' Small Home Business Ideas
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