Kitchens to Property to £48million Estate
For Malcolm Healey!

Name: Malcolm Healey

Age: 57 yrs.

'Foolish' Idea: Making kitchen units.

How Idea was Launched:

Malcolm, launched Humber Kitchens in 1976, determined to raise the standards and quality of British fitted kitchens. He had previously worked in the family's DIY business in Hull.

In 1981, he acquired the Hygena brand name. In 1987 he sold Humber kitchens to MFI, netting £200million.

Malcolm then went to America, and set up the Ohio-based, Mills Pride. The company is one of the biggest kitchen manufacturers in the U.S.

Malcolm, has also formed a new company in Britain, United Kitchens, with four other investors. The business sells kitchens via concessions in existing stores.

Earnings: In 1998, Malcolm paid £48million for the Water Priory estate in the Yorkshire Wolds.

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